Hey, this is your boy and host CEO Anthony B.
I appreciate you checking out the station's Donation Page.
As you all know equipment is not cheap when you run a radio station, especially fixing it.
So for me to keep giving you the best shows and interviews and the hottest music out there, I would be greatful if you would donate either $5, $10 or $20 to keep the station up and running.
The station has been up from  2009 to Now and I would love to keep it going for more Years.

Donation Incentives:
$5 Donation gets you a Shout Out Live on the Air
$10 Donation gets you a Shout Out and Two Complimentary Songs
$20 Donation gets you a Shout Out, Two Complimentary Songs, A personalized Thank You Video and an AutoGraphed Poster.

**Special Notice**
After you submit your donation please email us with your confirmation number and name.
If you have a twitter name, please provide that as well too.
                                                     DONATION AMOUNTS

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